A manifesto for 2013

A grand title. Indeed. Being nomadic for fourteen months, i have begun to realize how we live in a mad mad world. This here is some loose thoughts on starting to think differently on an individual level.

Humans ...

Humans …

Travel at any opportunity. Any opportunity. A weekend away. A night an hour away. Do it.

Find new places.

Road trips are awesome. But do it properly. Heading down the N2 or the N1 is not road tripping. It’s being lame (note: there are some amazing places along both these routes, i am merely suggesting taking the back roads to get to them.) South Africa is filled with prodigious places in the middle of nowhere and plenty of good roads to get there. Go check ’em out.

Sacrifice everything for good coffee. Life’s to short to drink bad coffee.

Take lots of good music. It sweetens every memory.

Smile and say hello to everyone regardless of who they are or where they stand in the grand scheme of things … you will be surprised how far it will get you and how helpful complete strangers can be.

Give up on fear … its pointless, hinders everything, fills you with self doubt and failure. Conquering one of your fears comes a close second to falling head over heels in love, when it comes to being filled with goodness and it tends to make you feel like wearing your rods over your pants superhero style.

Modern life is about distraction from everything that’s actually important to you. It’s someones status, that tweet, this blog. Its not that important to know.

i am guilty of this, wanting to know the latest everything … if you feel anxious about checking your phone it might be time to put it down or turn it off and see who is standing in front of you. Maybe ignorance is bliss? Or maybe not being wired to a network permanently is bliss.

Being on the road tends to bring perspective to what’s important and what’s just noise, take that back with you to the real world.

You also have a habit of falling out of news-cycles … this is a good thing. Stop consuming everything, if its important you will hear about it, even the cat that looks like batman.

Think about how you shop. How much packaging you consume in doing so, Stop buying from the garage convenience store and support the small, albeit disappearing corner cafe.

When traveling, stop and buy your vegetables from the street vendor not the supermarket – the value of that money is tenfold to its actual.

Bucket lists … they are for people who will never do anything, stop writing a damn list and just go and do it. Because you are going to die.

And finally the most valuable thing we have in our life is time … with the people you love. And the places you see.

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7 Responses

  1. mzansigirl says:

    Excellent manifesto. I couldn’t have put it better. Consider me signed up.

  2. clvw says:

    Bang on Stu. Great post. X

  3. jabedi says:

    Love it, so true. Before you know it you are 50. People can be so busy recording life that they are not really present in that moment. Life is right now. Great to get such wise advice from a young person. Following you keeps me young, great stuff

    • stu says:


      Thanks so much for the comment and the support Di, it makes me feel like I am doing more than just wondering amongst the endless beauty of South Africa.

  4. Allan says:

    Nice one Stu. Putting the FEST back into Manifesto…

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