A Wacky Start

And so it started, albeit after a small delay and much cursing, the Going Homeless project finally kicked off, hit the road and bade farewell to the Haussmanns, the kind folk who let me squat in their loft for a month that lasted nearly three. Thanks guys!

Layer upon layer ...


The plan had always been to do a little coastal trip up to Agulhas, The Southern most tip of Africa, but that plan went out the window as i joined the self porting blonde trio of Sally Joy, Ava and Justine for the Wacky Wine Weekend in Robertson.

Going to a wine festival, as a non-wine drinker made me question my sanity, but i had other reasons to be there. I arrived late Friday to a house full of very cold but extremely “happy” people all sitting outside while there was a raging fire inside. Yea i was also confused.

Pat Busch Private Game Nature Reserve

Saturday started late, as it should, but soon we were chilling at Graham Beck drinking champagne while some art students banged out some background tunes. They had kited out the place amazingly with comfy chairs, heaters, an easily accessible bar (key feature) and some tasty chow all under tents that felt like a princes traveling harem.

It’s a highly recommended stop if you ever visit Robertson, the architecture is awesome and the champagne is just swell.

Next up was Springfield Wine Farm, stunning location but the general layout left a wee bit to be desired, it could also be that the weather was pretty miff, ranging from rain, partly cloudy to partly sunny patches which soon filled with cold wine drinkers looking for warmth.

Vineyards everywhere ...

It was at this point i started drinking the beers i had stashed along for survival. They were welcome as our crowd and pretty much everyone was permanently armed with a wine glass, that was charged or would be shortly.

Next up was Arabella, or as i fondly remember it as Ara Muddy as fuck … It was pretty much dark when we arrived so i couldn’t really tell you what the place looked like. After being robbed of a 100 bucks at the door for what i am still not quiet sure, we watched the Boks beat the Poms through various smashed folks heads and some ill positioned trees in a tented area, all of which was backlit by the Spur and Bacini’s – you know real rustic country food.

At which point the krust set in and we headed for home, a warm fire and some conversation before disappearing under a blanket covered slumber.

Sunday was pretty much the first look i had of the spot we were staying at, the Pat Busch Private Nature Reserve, it was epicly beautiful, so much so i stumbled about far to early snapping some photos of the Valley, before retiring to bed once more for a few more z’s.

De Kaap Country Restaurant

After which we headed up the road to McGregor for some lunch at De Kaap Country Restaurant, which was awesome, or in the words of my dining partners amazeballs. It’s a highly recommend stop for a flash meal in a beautiful part of the world.

De Kaap Country Restaurant

Then there was whirlwind guided tour round McGregor. Some misty eyed farewells and the Going Homeless Project was on the road for its first planned destination … Cape Agulhas.

De Kaap Country Restaurant
De Kaap Country Restaurant is about 15kms from Robertson and 3km outside of McGregor, The food was fantastic and the restaurant itself is stylish, simple and overlooks a pretty awesome landscape.

Tel : 0726934052

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