About the going homeless project

Been Living in the Kom ... time for the great wide open

For what seems like many eons, I have wanted to live a nomadic lifestyle, you know the one you read about – taking advantage of the modern trappings of life to live a real simple one.

So after much procrastination, delay and being rooted by a multitude of excuses I always managed to find, 2012 marks the start of the going homeless project.

It’s also about rectifying a giant hole in my list of places to see. I have travelled most, if not all of Southern Africa, but i have never spent any sizable time travelling my country. South Africa.

Every time i pick up a travel mag or read about an amazing place, its right here. On my soon to be mobile doorstep.

So here goes …

You can follow the journey right here on www.goinghomeless.co.za and feel free to leave a comment or a suggestion of a must see place in South Africa.

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Who am I?


I am Stu, a long time early adopter of the interwebs and digital tech with the goal of avoiding working 9 to 5 for some management type corporate person.

I build websites for moolah, take photo’s for inspiration and generally believe there is more to life than working for a living.

I like beer, shooting the shit and my couch. Which is not coming with me unfortunately.