Another sort of solution – Avid for the Ipad

So in a previous post, i mentioned i would be dragging along a laptop for video editing and other miscellaneous tasks until @BreakingGear suggested i check out Avid for the iPad.

Well call me Curly Sue – a good clean interface, easy usage, no manuals and no tutorials needed and i put this little ditty together from some video i shot at the Ultimate X Event held in Cape Town earlier this year.

It’s probably the only video i have ever managed to finish thanks to a lack of computer resources and video editing software filled with way to many options coupled with a rendering time that make a 90 year old granny driving at 10Kph on the highway seem like an Formula One race.

It’s amazing that i managed to get this done on an Ipad in about two hours or so.

Probably still going to need a laptop though …

Tunz is TreeFingers by Radiohead.

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