Fish eagles and motorboats

After a drive through the Valley of a Thousand Hills and a slightly round about way of trying to find Albert Falls taking most of the day, i stumbled on to a gem of a camp site.

Valley of a Thousand Hills

The Albert Falls are disappointing. Looking more like a water feature than a waterfall. The trickle of water, the weird smell and some dudes trousers in the river, I left, well, miffed after the time it took to find them.

The view from my tent.

The drive to the campsite included Springbok, Giraffe, a Fish Eagle and a bunch of anglers fishing for Bass all to the backdrop of distant mountains and gathering clouds.

The Gathering

The campsite is massive and is right on the shore of the dam, littered with trees on one side and wide open and spacious on the almost island like outcrop on the other side.

Twitchy locals

On the first evening as i was settling in, a herd of buck did a stop motion graze until the light disappeared. The next morning started with the call of a fish eagle and speed boats. I later discovered there was a local Bass fishing competition.

Alarm clock

Unlike the camp site, the reserve is tiny and a not so much loop road can be done in all of about 15 minutes. But the wildlife and stark bush still make for a mellow drive, cycle or walk through the reserve.

Impending …

After a few days of Durban, it seemed like i had stumbled on to a perfect haven for relaxing and when Monday rolled round, it was like i had the place to myself.


It’s not the most special destination in South Africa, no doubt, but like most of South Africa its beautiful, spacious and if you happen upon it, it blows you away.

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