Free flight in Eden

After a manic wedding weekend in Plett I was looking forward to the serenity of Stormsriver. It did however give me the chance to visit Birds of Eden.


Situated next to and run by the same folk who operate Monkeyland (You can read about my Monkeyland experience here), Birds of Eden is the world’s largest free flight sanctuary housing birds from both the legal and illegal trade in exotic birds.

i’m fabulous

With close to 3000 birds covering a 180 species it’s a veritable ornithologists wet dream. It’s also pretty cool if you looking for something different to do.

Caribbean Flamingo

The dome itself covers over two hectares of land with indigenous forests and some man-made additions. The focus of Birds of Eden, much like Monkeyland is on the residents before anything else.


The sanctuary, besides rehabilitating the birds, offer a great educational side and really give you an insight into how animals should be treated and how utterly dismal humans are at getting close to the mark.

Alexandrine Parakeet … i think

I lucked out and got a personal tour by resident bird expert, Charleen. Aside from plenty of insight and almost too much information to digest, I discovered a bunch more than I had hoped for and found a similar soul when it comes to the dismissal of humans for their callous treatment of wildlife.

Cattle Egret

Much like Monkeyland I left with a feeling of hope that there are sanctuaries like this staffed by people with more than their hearts in the right place.


You should visit both sanctuaries, especially if you have kids, what better way to show them how animals and birds deserve a lot more than the human race serves up, while illustrating how it should be done.

And they deserve the support.

Birds of Eden

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  1. Owen says:

    Dig Macaw’s attitude, cattle egret shot is superb!

    • stu says:

      Thanks brew, Birds of Eden is a wealth of photo opportunities and a pretty cool place to take a slow meander for a day.

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