Hazels Organic Restaurant

The Sundays River Valley, home to so many amazing places, just got a little richer from a foodie point of view. Welcome to Hazels.

Hazels Organic Restaurant, in Addo, Eastern Cape

Hazels Organic Restaurant, in Addo, Eastern Cape

I got back on the road with a visit to Daniel & Claude, from the Aardvark Guesthouse and Backpackers (Read about my previous stay here) to chat to them about launching a website for their fantastic backpackers, near Addo Elephant National Park, and lo and behold next door in one of the outbuildings was my new discovery. Hazels Organic Restaurant.

Hazels ... House of deliciousness

Hazels … House of deliciousness

But before you think of it as just another spot to grab a scrumptious chow, ponder this, almost all of what you eat comes from the permaculture garden next to the restaurant.

So aside from the delicious meals and coffee, you can mine a wealth of information regarding the history, innovations and current state of permaculture in South Africa and how it is a viable to solution to sustainability. Both Hazel and Randy are knowledgeable, warm and super friendly but it’s their passion that is so infectious.

Group Dining

Group Dining

Even better, they run an educational business / permaculture school on the side or vice versa. They offer a ‘two day introduction to permaculture course’ that gives you a good broad introduction and the skills to set up your own garden. (More Here.) They also offer a more detailed permaculture design certificate course. (More here)

There was supposed to be a killer little video, but it would appear getting three apple devices to sync is nigh impossible – so that will come later, but i digress … Hazels Restaurant is spacious, colourful and most importantly the food is delicious.

I heartily recommend the omelet that takes some finishing and is normally closely followed by the need to rest. For dinner one evening i had a delightful cut of a blesbok and aside from being perfectly prepared it was off the charts tasty. They also do a curry night every Wednesday, i sampled the Kudu Curry and the Thai Chicken. Tasty doesn’t quite cover it.

Draft Beer coming soon ...

Draft Beer coming soon …

Randy will be adding draft beer on tap in the near future which quite frankly will make it a crime not to drop by for a meal and a glass of home brew. If you don’t you’re missing out on the chance of a great meal and the opportunity to meet two fantastic human beings.

I am hoping to find the time to do one of Permaculture South Africa’s two day courses in the near future and hopefully by then, i would have figured out how to get my technology to speak to each other and i’ll serve up the video and more on Permaculture South Africa

Hazels Organic Restaurant

A new venture for Hazel and Permaculture South Africa. The new restaurant is open from 11am daily to serve lunches and dinners. We strive to serve only fresh and permaculture grown vegetables.

URL : Hazels Organic Restaurant
Phone : +27 (42) 233 0317

Reviews on Trip Advisor are here

Permaculture South Africa

Permaculture South Africa offers training opportunities for people and communities interested in becoming sustainable food producers.

URL : Permaculture South Africa

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/permaculturesouthafrica

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