Kunye. Inye. One.

Kunye, Inye. One. How i travel. Tank and Super Tank. Beers. Lots of them. Henry. Gem and three hundred and fifty gigs of data. Thirty eight destinations, many twice, some thrice. A gazillion people. Numerous friends. Some two-tone shirts. Seventeen hour drives. Three pairs of slip slops. Four, of earphones and nearly thirty thousand kilometers.

Dirt roads in the middle of nowhere with views you can’t photograph. Big Sky. Night skies. Random left turns. Right turns. Wrong directions. Choices made by the colour of the destination in the map book. Learning. So much. Listening. Watching. Challenging. Myself. Others. Talking. Shit. Real World. Life. Experience. Being disconnected and connected. With people. With technology. Thinking. A-lot. Singing really loudly. Wearing someones grandmothers dress. Drinking a bottle of whiskey before discovering a common connection with a complete stranger. Riding a horse. Getting high. Being low. Sleeping in a tent, a bed, the back of the car, on the beach, in a rondavel, in a dorm, in a double. A double en suite. A ruin. Celebrated a 100th Birthday. Got drunk in afternoon with my Uncle. Run up a bar bill. Jumped off a cliff. Twice. Surfed. Ski’d, Wake boarded. Mountain biked. Zip-lined. Hiked. Forests. Mountains. Beaches. Watched Rhinos. Lions. Hippos. Hoopoes. Learnt the ‘kinds’ of buck. Been entertained by a schizo ground squirrel. Been robbed by Baboons twice at the same time. Seen animals in captivity. Seen them free. Driven on tar, dirt, something between the two. On snow. Driven hours to do a mountain pass. Had bad coffee. Good Coffee. Served a real espresso to a grateful Italian out the back of my cab. Eaten rice cakes. Two minute noodles. Eric’s Toasties. A box of biscuits. Kudu, Blesbok, Springbok. Stingy Nettle Cheddar. Dorians desserts. Out of a Permaculture garden. Fish braai’d muscle cracker and crayfish with the brothers. Got buffaloed. Stopped at every microbrewery. Walked the Otter Trail. Read books. Lost a kindle. Unsubscribed from everything. Deleted profiles. Posted photos. And wandered. For a year. With no end in sight.

See you on the road tomorrow.

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4 Responses

  1. Cor says:

    Yoh Stu!
    Good post

  2. Gem says:

    I totally loved this one X

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