Silent Mountain – Drakensberg

So a visit from my best girl, had me searching for a quiet, secluded spot in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Turns out it’s a tough ask. I either encountered vastly over priced accommodation or resort type accommodation, not ideal … enter Settlers Cottage at the Heronmoor Farm in the Drakensberg.

Heronmoor ... towards the Drakensberg

Heronmoor … towards the Drakensberg

Settlers is an old stone farm cottage in the Kamberg, with a history reaching back one hundred years. A perfect fit for two, that offers stunning vistas of the Drakensberg and the farmlands. Some short hikes. Seclusion. An epic bed. Silence that is almost disturbing and a night sky to rival the best. Here a few frames i grabbed.


This rustic 100-year-old restored stone cottage is the ultimate getaway for nature lovers and romantics with a sense of adventure. The cottage is situated in a secluded valley next to the woods with lovely mountain views.


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