Over the falls and off the grid

After the hair-raising but incredible Naude’s Nek the Going Homeless Project headed to Maclear and on to Tsitsa Falls. I had never heard of it and 99% of the people i have asked haven’t either. You should definitely visit.

behind the falls

The Falls backpackers struck a chord in a lot of ways, its off the grid. Way off. It was kind of refreshing not bothering with the digital trappings of the world. And this is why you should visit.

Mother ******* nature

It’s good for your soul.

That said you want for nothing, cold beers are quart size, chow is self catering, the shower is piping hot and the beds are comfy. They offer awesome accommodation in a rondavel, dorms and doubles. There is also a huge garden with fruit trees and outside chill areas.

from the porch

Bring your thoughts, it’s the perfect place for them. The porches screen saver is a wide open landscape, that has a habit of drawing you in and not letting go. There is silence, serenity and a calmness that seems to envelop the whole place.

Once you walk into the landscape for a mere five minutes it goes from wide open to canyons cut deep into the land. They are kind of amazing as they are well hidden from view but are epicly spectacular when they appear in the landscape.


I did a great hike with Addi, which gives you a first glimpse of the falls from way above, we then made our way over to the next canyon, after being surrounded by cows,which the Pot river has cut over eons. Another five minutes and it gets even more mind-blowing.

Tsitsa Falls

The Tsitsa and Pot rivers converge and flow towards the coast. You get the pleasure of viewing this by hanging your legs over the edge and its hard not to just be quiet and realize your insignificance in the greater scheme of things.

how to make yourself feel insignificant

We then walked back towards the falls and after a descent down a crack, literally. We hunkered under an overhang and checked out some Bushman paintings and some old school stone masonry, before making our way back to the Falls.

rocking the art world

After harnessing up we did a zip-line of about 150 metres across the waterfall – pardon the parlance – but fuck yea.

it easier than walking

When you get to the bottom of the line you are literally in the bowl of the waterfall, with a few more bushman paintings on offer. We then walked back out by passing under and behind the falls.

Tre’ cool.

behind the falls

The next morning it was time to head out back to the coast for some sun, surf and chillax in the Kei at the legendary CoffeeShack.

If you are vaguely in the hood visit the Falls, it’s an amazing and undiscovered place and stay with Addi and Angela at the Falls Backpackers, it’s definitely one of the best spots i have had the pleasure of visiting on my travels.

And its good for your soul.

one more for the road

One other thing worth mentioning – the place is a mecca for Kayakers. I don’t have any knowledge on the sports or going ons but if you’re a fan of challenging white water – you should definitely be calling the Falls Backpackers sooner rather than later.

The Falls Backpackers

The Falls Backpackers & Adventures offer home-cooked organic meals, good vibes and fourteen different adventures to make your stay unforgettable.

Phone : +27 045 932 1138
Cell : +27 083 993 1524

URL: www.tsitsafalls.com

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4 Responses

  1. Simon Cooper says:

    Getting itchy feet

  2. stu says:

    Then hit the road …

  3. Gavin. says:

    Hi, great post and I am really enjoying following your blog/trip, These falls are one of the “spots” that I had marked to visit and take some photo’s but hell that zip line just trashes the Falls! Going to scracth this location off the todo list.

  4. stu says:

    It’s a pity you feel that way Gavin, it’s an amazing place and i would definitely recommend it as a location, its really is stunning. And the Zip Line is pretty cool.

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