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The time-lapse experiments #2

So a few more experiments in the time-lapse genre … the first two clips are quite rough but the last two are pretty sweet. Shot over two days and two nights in Hogsback while...


Over the falls and off the grid

After the hair-raising but incredible Naude’s Nek the Going Homeless Project headed to Maclear and on to Tsitsa Falls. I had never heard of it and 99% of the people i have asked haven’t...


Photostory : the landscape files

The more i travel and shoot this beautiful country, South Africa – if you weren’t paying attention, i am starting to feel i should give up writing and just publish pictures which say more...


A whimsical left turn

The Going Homeless Project finds it soul and falls deeply in love with the Eastern Cape after a left turn reveals untold beauty and hidden gems. With some mountain passes to boot.