Road testing

And so it begins. Hopefully if the plan comes together I should begin construction on my van tomorrow, have a fridge and a few other bits and pieces purchased. But more importantly I need to get the ability to publish on the road in order. So I thought I would share my current set up… Which will grow with a few additions.

For images I will be shooting on a canon 7D and editing on an iPad using Snapseed and a camera connection kit.

Somewhere in the mix a laptop is going to have to come into the equation, the limited storage of the iPad and its inability to write to external drives results in the need to lug another machine around for storage. The upside to that is I can still make use of my favourite editing tool Lightroom.

In reality I probably am going to need another machine to handle video and editing as well as the ability to earn some moola building websites for people.

To blog, I will be banging out the prose on the Ipad using Blogsy … I was the surprised at how unfeatured the wordpress official app was given the awesomeness that WordPress is. Blogsy on the other hand looks like wicked tool for mobile publishing.

Anyways hopefully there will be many updates, awesome images, the occasional video and a killer road trip round South Africa.

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  1. May 16, 2012

    […] in a previous post, i mentioned i would be dragging along a laptop for video editing and other miscellaneous tasks […]

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