Searching for solitude – Mbotyi

After the hurly burly of Coffee Bay, i was hankering for some quiet. For no people. For some wide open coast line, for some solitary time. Mbotyi seemed like a good place to get my peace on.

Magwa Falls - Unheralded

Magwa Falls – Unheralded

Home to the legendary Waterfall Bluff (Which i still haven’t been able to find, read excuse to return) it has a few more hidden gems that only reveal themselves to those that look.

Magwa Falls

Magwa Falls

The tea estate dominates the landscape, but after following a weaving track through the fields, Magwa Falls revealed itself first as a stream tumbling off a cliff and then as you cross the river and hike to the other side as a gorge with a 110 metre wispy waterfall cascading into oblivion. Truly a breathtaking landscape.

Magwa Falls - the other side

Magwa Falls – the other side

A little further down the road as local directions dictated, turn down a farm track before the cement water reservoir until you reach the bridge and here you will find Angel Falls.

Angel Falls

Angel Falls

Much smaller but no less staggering. Viewed from the top it seems a small waterfall passing through the landscape, but the short walk to the bottom revealed a tropical paradise in the midst of a tea plantation.

Angel Falls

Angel Falls

The last distraction is actually sign posted and goes by the name of Fraser Falls, viewed from a distance and in the haze of the local field burning practices, it was hard to be as blown away as the last two waterfalls, but a good conversation about spiritual renewal with some local Rastas in the midst of their morning salutation to Jah made it an enlightening visit.

For all the tea in ... Mbotyi

For all the tea in … Mbotyi

When at last i arrived at Mbotyi, it was a little more built up than i was hoping for, there are plenty of holiday homes intermingled with the village, but short walks either side of the main beach get you back to the paradise you expect.

The Mbotyi Lagoon

The Mbotyi Lagoon

I stayed at the community owned campsite, at eighty five bucks a night it was well situated to the beach, had good amenities and well covered grass campsites. I can highly recommend it.

Short walks get you this ...

Short walks get you this …

Expansive, deserted beaches. No people, a warm ocean and waterfalls aplenty. You couldn’t really ask for more …

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  1. Marlene says:

    Mboyti! The place just has something about it that is too difficult to explain in words and do go back to see the Waterfall Bluff! Absolutely worth the walk….. I have been there in December 2013 and just have an absolute need to go back there soon….

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