Smart in Africa … more like batshit insane

So a fella i ran into on the Put Foot Rally … Anton Crone appears to have lost his marbles … for a pretty good idea.

In their own words – Every Journey has its challenges. This one has two idiots and is clearly impossible.

Brett Wild and Anton Crone are embarking on a unique mission. They will attempt to drive from Cape Town to the Serengheti in nothing more than a Smart car. All along they ask the question, can all of us get by with a lot less than we think? They will meet and highlight incredible African stories of ingenuity, inventiveness and downright genius. Perhaps it’s time we learnt from a continent of people who truly manage to make a life with a whole lot less.

Epic sentiment. Epic journey. All in support of Solar Aid

Follow their journey at

Watch the teaser vid here

And be sure to follow them on twitter (@smartinafrica) its bound to be a massive small adventure.

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  1. May 24, 2012

    […] my impending departure, not long until the PFR 2012 kicks off and those crazy nutters – the smart in africa fella’s … another mate of mine is embarking on a road trip to highlight water […]

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