So where you going first?

This has been the the most asked question when I speak to people about my plans for the going homeless project, followed by proclamations of jealousy.

Well I figured I’d start at the southern tip of Africa.

Cape Agulhus. It just seems like the right place to start my journey.

But that’s only part of the reason. My family has been trooping off to the Breede river since I can remember remembering my childhood, and about half way there, the turn off to Agulhus has flown by as we made our way to the river for school holidays.

I have always wondered what’s at the end of that right turn off the N2.

Its time to find out …

Cape Agulhas
Cape Agulhas is the southernmost point in the continent of Africa. It is located at 34°50′00″S 20°00′09.15″ in the Overberg region, 170 kilometres (105 mi) southeast of Cape Town. The cape was named by Portuguese navigators, who called it Cabo das Agulhas — Portuguese for “Cape of Needles” — after noticing that around the year 1500 the direction of magnetic north (and therefore the compass needle) coincided with true north in the region.

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