The days aren’t numbered anymore

So after one night stops in Plettenberg Bay and Stormsriver, Jeffreys Bay was about to get the same treatment only because the weather decided that being shitty was more important than the going homeless projects visit to the legendary surf town.

it’s hard to miss the beach

If i am honest Jeffreys Bay looks like it has turned into a giant shopping mall, it seems to have lost that small sea-side village feel i remember from years ago, but let’s be honest you don’t visit Jeffreys Bay for the town, you visit it for the beach and the proximity of Island Vibe Backpackers to the beach is obscene.

the beach house balcony

After tripping from my room onto the beach it was hard not to think that i had arrived in a near paradise. As the sun was setting i headed up to the legendary bar and set about a few beers that turned to many with the slick service that saw my empties replaced as they touched the bar.

A killer in-house pizza and a few more beers and i started thinking about falling over so i could hit the next day hard.

Island Vibe offers all the usual amenities as well as an in-house kitchen which churns out meals, breakfast through dinner , and a bar that was spoken about in hushed tones of awe all the way up the coast.

Rooms come in doubles, dorms and camping and if you can get a room in the Beach House, do! All accommodation comes with epic views of the beach. An in house surf school and tours round out an awesome experience. Surfer or not its a great stop on the Garden Route and one you cannot miss …

Island Vibe

Alas, the morning dawned cold, grey, wet and well shitty and the sea was flatter than the world seen by scientists in the early thirteen hundreds, I headed up to the bar to grab the excellent in-house Vibe Breakfast which came with a personal recommendation from Funshine and after some indecisiveness decided it would be better to head on up the coast and return for a Jeffreys Bay redux in a couple of weeks rather than force the goodness this town has to offer.

Back on the road, i moved towards Bushmans River and Kenton on Sea for a few day of hanging with my peeps and some day trips to the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown.

wares for sale …

After a wander around, a show or two (If you ever get the chance to see a show called London Road – do, it’s an epic), an exhibition or five and some beers on the Village Green, i settled down to some chilling at Bushmans River and some costal hikes that really re-enforce the beauty of the area.

Sunrise over Bushamns River

The downtime was welcome after the past few days of one night stops and days packed with the goodness of the garden route.

It was kind of sad bidding farewell to the my peeps after a few days, but i was amped for my next destination … Addo National Park, and The Aardvark Guesthouse and Backpackers, but more on that next time.

Thanks to HI South Africa, everyone at Island Vibe who despite the circumstances bent every which way to make me feel at home, i’ll be back for a surf, a tour and definitely the party!

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3 Responses

  1. mzansigirl says:

    I agree, J’Bay ain’t the prettiest place but Island Vibe is very cool… some crazy things go down at that bar 🙂 I was also at festival, loved London Road!

  2. stu says:

    Loved the Bar, two the point that having my beers slide along the counter made me feel like a regular after a couple.

    London Road was brilliant!

    Thanks for the comments.

  3. stu says:

    London Road was epic, so glad i got to see it.

    J-Bay was fun … looking forward to the redux in a few weeks time 🙂

What say you?