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Often when putting a post together or waiting for interwebs to work, i have a few go to sites i like to read in the travel sphere for inspiration and motivation. I thought i would share.

Swagger – Ant Crone – @antoncrone

Bright Continent is the published works and blog of a one Anton Crone, I had the pleasure of meeting Ant on the inaugural Put Foot Rally last year, aside from being pretty dapper with words and definitely one of my favourite photographers – i keep going back for the awesome stories he seems to find. It’s a great reminder to work harder at finding the stories that need to be told, not just doing the ones that present themselves or are obvious. Well worth reading … regularly.

Twitter: @antoncrone

Liliesleaf – @MzansiGirl

Mzansi Girl is a recent addition to my reading list, i have been following Mzansi Girl on twitter for a couple of months and the amount of great travel news and information i pick up is awe inspiring. Not only informative but often an epic source for new places to visit. If you like travel, especially African and South African travel do yourself a favour and read Mzansi Girl’s blog … and be sure to follow her on twitter!

Twitter: @MzansiGirl

The Go Slow – Gareth Hubbard

The Go Slow, a surf trip / road trip / shooting mission by photographer Gareth Hubbard, is visually awesome. I met Gaz at the Coffee Shack and drank plenty beers. Have a squizz at his site listed below. Tre’ cool. While you are at it also have a look at his porti here – talented guy.


If you have any reading recommendations about travel, especially in South Africa – leave me a heads up in the comments. Share the #mzanzilove.

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4 Responses

  1. mzansigirl says:

    Hey Stu. Honoured to be featured in the same reading list as the awesome Anton Crone! Thanks for the Go Slow tip, have added him to my Bloglovin reading list =)

  2. Ahoy Stu, how goes it dude?
    Hope you smashing the travels and shooting some amazing places!

    Keep well china

    • stu says:

      Hey G,

      Been taking a break in Cape Town to do some admin etc, but just got back on the road this weekend. Which I am stoked about!

      See you on the road brew.

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