The time-lapse experiments

I have played around with some time-lapses as an experiment, and to be honest i am still figuring out a lot of the technical details in getting the best outcomes for this as a format, for once the interwebs has been a little uninformative. But here are the first three. A sunrise at L’Agulhas, a sunset in Calitzdorp and a moonrise at Breede River.

Breede at night

Video follows …

I am relatively happy with the outcomes but i guess with practice and a shed load more experimentation these will hopefully get better.

Tunz : Lorn – Cherry Moon. Sweet track.

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7 Responses

  1. Luci says:

    Talent just keeps getting better doesn’t it?! Cool time lapses. Especially enjoyed the first, the music was running with the water. Cool effect. Keep shooting. Keep going. The dream is worth it.

  2. Riyaad says:

    Cool Stu “yor” I’ve been following the project for a week now. I like the clip, it’s amazing how us, as South African don’t realize what beauty lies around us….PS: Keep up the good work….

  3. stu says:

    Thanks for the comments guys, hope reading this stuff is as much fun as i having shooting it

  4. Sam says:

    First thought – Impressive. Second thought – How long did you sit still to get these shots? I only get to sit still when I do email catch-up after the boys are in bed! Trip sounds and looks great, keep tabs on any micro breweries you come across.

    • stu says:


      Combined probably close to six hours, although for the star bit I actually fell asleep and the camera did the work.

  5. This are amazing!
    I’m enjoying the read and the photos! Planning a family trip to SA now and have landed upon your ‘blog’.
    What camera do you use for the time lapse?

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