Way down South

After arriving on Sunday night after dark, i was amped to see what L’ Agulhas would reveal, i have been itching to get here for years and it hasn’t disappointed, it has exceeded expectations in every way possible.

Few better places to see a sunrise than the Southern most tip of Africa

I set an alarm, which goes against my very ethos, but i really wanted to catch some epic morning light, and set out for the Southern most point of Africa to catch the first sunrise of the Going Homeless Project.

With the iconic lighthouse set against the rising sun in the east and an angry sea to the south, the Southern tip of Africa is stark, beautiful and very cold. A cup of freshly brewed joe helped ward off the chill before i jumped back in the van and headed for a closer look at the Lighthouse.

The iconic lighthouse

The Lighthouse, South Africa’s third oldest lighthouse is a towering structure that sticks out of the landscape, but one look at the sea and the coastline and its very clear why it is needed. Built in 1848, it’s an homage to the Pharos of Alexandria.

Old School

I climbed the 71 one steps, actually more like rungs of a ladder, carefully, to be rewarded with a panoramic view of L’Agulhas and the coast. It was incredible.

The sign inside of the final door before you exit on to the viewing platform warns of adverse weather and strong winds but I had been blessed with a still sunny day, that like my mood was starting to warm to this little village by the sea.

The Melsho Meru

I then headed back South out-of-town, beyond the tip of Africa to see the famous wreck that still marks the coastline, the Melsho Meru. Wrecked back in 1982, it now is a sunny perch for sea birds.

It was lunch and i was hankering for a shower, another cup of joe to recharge, before heading out for the afternoon. On the way back through town i stopped by the Struis Baai harbor to get a gander for any photographs worth shooting and make plans for tomorrow to feed the local stingrays that hang around feeding off the fishing community.

I arrived back at the Cape Agulhas backpackers, and had a long chat with the owner Erin and her husband Malan, who were not only über cool but super happy to share a few more places to see i missed or didn’t know existed… the afternoon was getting fuller and i started pondering spending an extra night here as there was still so much i wanted to see.

Erin was also a wealth of knowledge of places to visit, all from personal experience giving the recommendations a good personal weight.

The Backpackers itself is sweet as, comfy beds, great showers, a bar – The stingray that you feel obliged to drink in – beers are 11 bucks! The bar also has a massive fireplace that doubles as an indoor braai, which is very handy as the evenings get colder. The kitchen is stocked with just about anything you could need, There is also a permanent urn of hot water which is handy for a caffeine addict like myself.

Erin is also the owner of the Way Down African Adventure Centre – handily across the road which offers a variety of mild to wild activities you can get stuck into – Adrenalin fueled boat rides, Kite Surfing, in the sea and on a fresh water lake just up the road, surf lessons, sea tubing,sea kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and bike rentals to name a few of the multitudes of fun you can get up to in Struis Baai and L’ Agulhas

The plan for the afternoon was to head to Arniston/ Waenhuiskrans to see the village and a giant cave that was recommended viewing.

The Arniston coast is epic

Arniston is about 30 minutes drive from Struis Baai, with plenty of killer scenery to gather in as you make your way across the countryside. The village itself is tiny, but filled with some incredible places to visit – Kassies Baai, the 200-year-old fishing village – a national heritage monument is awesome, it preserves a simple way of life in this crazy connected world we live in.

The Waenhuiskraans cave is an awe-inspiring place, a little hike along the beautiful coast line with access through a hidden little hole in the “wall’ gets you into a cavernous thunderous cave – that is almost cathedral-like. It really is a place to see if you get to this part of the world.

Cathedral under a mountain

I flew back to L’Alguhas after a very chilled afternoon cruising around Arniston to catch the sun setting over the Melsho Meru wreck before heading back to the coolest bar, way down on the tip of Africa.

Sunset style

After chatting to Stefene’ about what else could be seen, visited and hiked, it became apparent that staying another night was now a certainty and not optional.

If anyone ever tells you they were bored in L’Agulhas, they were doing it very wrong.

Cape Agulhas Backpackers

The most southern backpackers in Africa. Cape Agulhas backpackers was established in march 2006 by owners Malan and Erin Conradie. They are an established well known haven for all travelers both local and foreign. The Backpackers is a really sweet place to crash, its comfortable and very welcoming with knowledgable folks running the place. What more could you want …. oh the Beer are 11 bucks!

URL: http://www.capeagulhasbackpackers.com/

Tel: 082 372 3354

Email: capeagulhasb at mweb.co.za

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11 Responses

  1. Luci says:

    Sweet pics dude! You really know how to capture them. Keep shooting, keep posting!

  2. Stefne' says:


    Wow, realy nice pic’s:) was leka to have you here.
    Enjoy your travels..

    Greetings from the tip of africa

  3. Erin says:

    Hi Stu

    Thanks for an awesome review – and great photo’s. Was cool to have you here – keep up the good work en stop on your way back…..the beer will still be 11 bucks:)

    Greetings from the tip of Africa
    Owner of Cape Agulhas Backpackers

    • stu says:

      Hey Erin , thanks for the great stay at the backpackers … You guys are so lucky to be living in such a sweet spot.

  4. Dad says:

    Envious of your time at Agulhas – always loved that area. So where to now ?

    • stu says:

      Hey Dad, yea what an awesome part of South Africa. Spent the day cruising around bredasdorp, then headed to de hoop,for a walk along the beach … Also incredibly beautiful. Going back tomorrow hopefully the light will be better … Today was very grey. Down at Breede for the night.

  5. Owen says:

    Love the shots Stu. You have a wicked eye man!

  6. Francois says:

    Hey Stu

    Was nice having you here. Great review. Spread the word and pop inn when you are around again. Good luck with the rest of your trip.

    Greeting from the tip of Africa

  7. The Dad says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you – enjoy the day – will phone later.

  8. Jay says:

    Hey dude

    Your pics are surreal man, keep em cumming.


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