Where the earth curves – Wild Lubanzi Backpackers

It’s hard not to be astounded by the location of Wild Lubanzi Backpackers, it’s all big curves, horizon and seems to be perched on the edge of the world.

Wild Lubanzi

Wild Lubanzi

It was properly cold the day i arrived … nothing a fire, a duvet and a book in the epic chill area on the porch couldn’t solve, occasionally fulfilling the intermittent need to go into the cold and stare at the beauty of the coast.

Chill Area - Wild Lubanzi Backapackers

Chill Area

Sunrise, the next morning, was a solitary affair with just me and the sun watching each other wake up. Later we were joined by a pod of dolphins surfing the steady swell running on to the beach.

Wild Lubanzi Backpackers

Wild Lubanzi Backpackers

After a few cups of joe and some landscape appreciation i went for a wander along the beach and round the coast with Rahel, the owner, chatting about its beauty and the impending disaster for the Wild Coast if the proposed toll road comes down this coast and the inevitable development that follows, all the while spotting whales and dolphins. Yea. I was having a good Monday.

Lubanzi Beach - Wild Coast

Lubanzi Beach – Wild Coast

Some more chill time (Seeing the theme?) and being roped into cooking dinner and not poisoning anyone with a rendition of a vegetable lasagna and with some sublime star gazing i headed to bed. Well content.

Pull up a seat and stare

Pull up a seat and stare

Heading off the next day I couldn’t help but feel, not for the first time, I had discovered a place I don’t really want to share or tell anyone about, just keep it for myself.

Yea. It’s that beautiful.

You can see the photostory here

Wild Lubanzi Backpackers - Wild Coast

This is Lubanzi, a little Xhosa Village in the middle of nowhere of the former Transkei. This is where the road ends, this is where the sea and the sky meet, where the sun kisses the waves and the rhythm of life is still pure and undisturbed.

URL: www.wildlubanzi.co.za

Contact Number : Calls +27 (0)78 530 8997 or +27 (0)71 485 6449 (SMS for Directions)

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  1. Beth says:

    Wow, beautiful photograph!! I strive to be half this good someday!! (I’ve only recently started learning about photography.) Are you using a wide lens? I love the look of these photos. Now I want to go here, too!! 🙂 Awesome.

  2. Wow.. absolutely beautiful photographs, nice job Stu! That first shot is absolutely breathtaking.. in fact, I just added it as my background, I hope you don’t mind. 🙂

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