Wrong direction, right place

Every so often fate and coincidence throws a bunch of people together who go on to change the world, this is not that story.

That’s the legal department on the right

So it all started with a call from the lawyer on a Monday night, unfortunately he doesn’t have a red Cadillac and penchant for obscure narcotics. It did mean i was heading in the wrong direction to the wrong city, but definitely the right people.

Salusa, an obscure brand name from the early 80’s, is an Ultimate Team littered with PhD’s, lay-abouts, Moms, Dads, students, wage negotiators, ornithologists, astrologers or astronomers as they claim and a legal department to boot.

Collective intelligence, massive.

A strong psychological game coupled with sound skills make playing Salusa a challenge for just about anyone. Known for heckling their own teammates mid-point, brain implosions, no look passes, foul language, drinking at inappropriate hours and having more fun than the opposition. It’s all class.

Steve, showing the kind of leadership that made him captain

We all gathered to play in the floating tourney Rocktober, being held in PE. The weekend was excellent, mainly for the chance to reconnect with my nutter teammates and a chance to drink Tequila for breakfast without raising an eyebrow.

Mid game injury assistance

A four from six result, another party win, occasional outbursts of anger, cold beer and an impromptu half time show by our cougar interspersed with lectures to say fuck less and please more, the weekend was truly worth the rewind on the road trip.

Taryn showing excellent form

I learnt a few things, Ultimate like heavy machinery is best played sober, a quart of beer really deserves to be a food group and that an air mattress and a Skakuza massage on Sunday is worth singing Call Me maybe, despite the shame.

Salusa, all class.

Sometimes turning around and going backwards doesn’t make sense, but in this case the wrong direction was the right thing to do.

Love you guys!

Are you visiting Cape Town?
Do you play Ultimate? Do you have a PHD? And don’t use it? Do you like Beer? A sense of humour? A penchant for tasteless jokes? Then be sure to join Salusa on your travels to Cape Town to see how Ultimate should really be played.

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Photo’s by Taryn and Jason cause i was to damn lazy to take my camera out.

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2 Responses

  1. Ta-one-bleep-R-yn Morris says:

    my name is spelt with ONE R you P… P … Person who is Positively the bomb. It makes me want to say “I LOVE YOU” Salusa style – perhaps we should change this to Trenton talking to Zak Style. Love it. You are baRRking! X

    • stu says:

      Hmmmmm my bad my brain or spelling hasn’t really been the same since PE … Besides I swear I cut and pasted for an email.

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